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We built our software on the latest industry standards, and structured it on proven marketing and business philosophies so you can launch your viral mailer into the modern world.

Introducing the LFMVM Viral Mailer

Design and build your own viral mailer website.

Empower others to build their own mailing list and grow yours at the same time.

Be at the very top of everyone's downline.

Powerful credit-based system ensures more subscribers actually READ your emails.

Provides all the features of an LFM website, including One Time Offers, Login Offers, and an instant payment system.

Get access to our exclusive community of LFM owners and learn from experienced online business owners.

Why Launch A Viral Mailer?

Everyone knows that running a membership site is a great way to make recurring income...

But the PROBLEM is that creating and managing a membership site that people want to keep using is sometimes difficult because you have to keep driving traffic to it to make sales and replace those that dropped out of the subscription.

What you really need is a monthly membership site that delivers a service for your members that makes them want to login everyday and use it.

And that's exactly what we built LFMVM to do.

Beyond Just The Software...

Meet Our Community, We're Ready To Help You Along Every Step Of The Way

The LFMVM community includes conferences every month, a Facebook fan page, an LFMVM owners Skype group and a support network of users that complements our customer support services.

Our viral mailer community is always happy to welcome new members, primarily because we all understand the strength that comes from working together as a group.

From Beginners To Advanced Marketers...

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